Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Need Universal Profiles

Oh many profiles does one need?  It seems that a profile is needed for so many things.  I think someone out there is going to figure this out--one profile should work for everything, such as a universal ID.  Not only that, I swear I made a blog profile yesterday and I'm not seeing it.  RE: GoogleReader-- I need to give up for the night.  I watched the videos, but GoogleReader is not making much sense to me right now.  It looks like a mess to me.  Maybe tomorrow will be a brighter day.


  1. Open ID is trying to do just that. The problem is all these different companies need to agree. But I think you'll find many websites are adopting Open ID as a common standard for profile creation.

  2. 25,000 websites use this?? I just browsed for quite some time and only recognized a very few. I could live on this machine and still not truly understand the power of the internet.