Sunday, December 28, 2008

First Thoughts

This class is just what I need to experience Web 2.0 and understand how to use it in my teaching and throughout the school. I have heard about wikis and blogs, but this is the first time I have used either. To date, the Skype call to Bangkok has had the greatest impact. Hearing Jeff's perspective on the one-to-one model and how free students there are able to use technology vs. the limitations we place on our students has made me reflect on this issue. We had a 2.0 forum at our school last spring and I was one of the participants (along with most of the teachers in my school) in favor of placing limitations on our students. After all, I (we) do not want to be responsible for students' inappropriate use of technology.
For me, this course is going to be the glue to understanding and using Web/School 2.0. I am very excited about having an iGoogle page with everything in one place. Now with the holidays behind us, I look forward to embarking on this Web 2.0 journey.

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