Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Digital Footprint

What does my digital footprint look like? The google search found no dirt. With just Muriel Hall, the search yielded an author and a professor…not me. Then I added “Bow”—the chair of the honor roll review committee in the School Board minutes, the Computer Club and Math Team advisors, the webmaster of a drug and alcohol coalition website, the computer literacy teacher, and the recipient of an NEA award. I added ‘nh’ to the search and found my 5k road race results and lo and behold, #21—‘Skype call sign up T & Learning in a Networked Environment!”

The youth of today seem so naive when posting information and particularly photos on the internet. After seeing a number of profiles, I can say that they don’t seem to get it. I mentioned in my previous post the need for more time. Surely I could spend hours looking at what former students are up to! My, how some have changed since 5th grade. I was shocked with the cleavage, alcohol, and drugs in the photos. I wonder what impact the photo of Michael Phelps smoking pot and the consequences that followed will have on anyone. Probably not much.

On Sunday, my son tried out for a chance to be a ‘racing president’ for the Washington Nationals. I find it interesting that in his interview he was asked if he wrote a blog. He also provided his e-portfolio, which he created shortly after his college graduation. I would say that it played a huge role in securing his primary employment.

Chances are that what we find alarming today will be no big deal tomorrow. One only needs to have watched The Bachelor on Monday night to understand what I am talking about. It brought promiscuity to a new level. But in the meantime, these 20 somethings are going to be looking for work and needing to find places to live. They might want to clean up their acts before it’s too late. Hopefully they won’t need ReputationDefender.com to come to their rescue!


  1. I wondered if I was the only one who thought the Bachelor Monday night episode was disturbing!

    That is wonderful that your son created an e-Portfolio - we are hoping to do more with that here at the Community College System. Very innovative for an employer to even ask!

    Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Blogger Kim T said...
    Great points here. I know, digital footprints are scary. One of my students said they googled my name and I didn't even know that all of the pages that I belonged to in my PLN were up there. I thought possibly my blog would show up somewhere, but it was my profile picture that sort of scared me! :) If we can get to the kids of today and show them that their digital footprint is so important to their future, hopefully we can educate them. Teaching digital citizenship and responsibility is what is most important to our youth today. I can't even believe what we see on television. MTV, VH1, and even the family channel are too much. Hopefully we keep up our crusade and educate them. My favorite quote about this comes from Vicki Davis - Cool Cat Teacher. She said for the kids to think - "What if you were running for President of The United States some day." What would you want people all over the world to see or know about you? Things can't be taken back. Vicki and her students have also created Digiteen. Take a look.

  4. Hi Muriel,
    I find it scary to think about digital foot prints. My son did a google search and my blogs and podcast appeared. We truly need to impress our students with the care they need to take before they post for everyone to see